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A 2D beat-em up game like Street Fighter.Players take turn planning their attack and defence.

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A 2D side scrolling game like Final Fight about two brothers who make a living destroying haunted home.

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An animation titled "Skipper". A wetland is hit by a drought.All the river and lake are drying up threatening animal that lives there.So all...

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Abaut the life and struggles of an aspiring  magazine editor that by his own ,is trying to make an online magazine about art,not having...

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There is no existence of god or adams and eve,we just came from another planet and we start from zero just like we start...

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This project takes time evolution but it motivates me to keep going [youtube]

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Incredibly popular with the public ever since the beginning of the 1960s, Margaret Keane’s works, the “big eyed waifs”, were absolutely detested by critics,...

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In 1984, just two years after ET was released, Tim Burton approached Disney with a short that turned Mary Shelley’s literary creation into a...